Lockup Freezes when inserting CDs or DVDs

Hi all!

I have a strange problem and I am not quite sure if this is the right forum to post this problem to.

Ok, I have the strange problem that sometimes my pc totally freezes when I insert a Disk into one of my two optical drives. It doesent matter in which one.

It happens not all the time only sometimes.

I have tried several things:

  1. turned Autoplay off -> no effect
  2. updated the drivers -> no effect

I cant exactly remember when it first happened but i think its after installing Nero Ultra Edition.

It also happens when I try to mount an image with Alcohol Software.

Anyone here with the same problem or some help how to get rid of this problem?

I would appreciate it



hi i am using nero 6 but noy sure which version.

the problem is that everytime i insert a dvd to copy then open nero it opens then just freezes.
it wont let me copy from disc to disc.
the only way around this is to copy to hard drive first, eject dvd, then restart computer and add files in nero.

am using win xp +win m.e
256 ram
60 hd
2200 cpu
msi dvd rom
dvd rw ?

not much help i know but i am still looking :confused: