Locks up during buning in Nero Vision?!?!?!

I’m using nero vision to burn/author a dvd of a series (Mpeg 2 files) but it ALWAYS locks up when it’s transcoding and freezes. Is there any reason why this is happening, thanks.

I heard it might have something to do with the s/n but what would that have to do with anything?

Try posting the log… that might get you some more help…

I can’t get to the log, The whole thing freezes when it’s “converting” the files on the burn DVD screen.

Please provide more details about this mpeg file what application encoded the file and what version of Nero Vision is this? If your not sure, open Vision and click on the ? bottom left hand corner and select about for the version info.

I used “Xilisoft Video Converter” to convert the file and I have “Nero Vision version” in the “Nero 7 Ultra Edition”