Locking Video Size to its Original Dimensions When Exporting from Premier




I am using Adobe Premier and I would like to export my video (ie 400X400 pixels) to DVD PAL (720X576 pixels).

Now, I am setting my project to DV PAL (720 X 576) and in Video 1 I put my original video (400 X 400 pixels) and in Video 2 a black still Image (*.Jpg) with the standard PAL size which is 720X576 pixels to use it as a background filler for the “empty” areas of the video 1 which is smaller.

The problem is that I can not lock my original video dimensions and put it to the center of the screen without Premier stretching it to the project’s defined size which is 720X576.

Is there any way to do this in Premier or in any other lightweight software ?

I used Discreet Combustion to do this before, but I have to render twice since I want also a MPEG export inside Premier.



Try Dee Mon Video Enhancer, free 30 day trial:

or SuperResolution plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro which actually uses the same engine:

Both use previous frames to upsize the current frame and you get really high resulting quality. VE supports VirtualDub Plugins and you can clean video as you upsize.


I found the solution by writing the following AVISynth script. For anyone who need this here it is :

MainClip=DirectShowSource(MainClip).AssumeFPS(25.000, true)
FC=Framecount (MainClip)
AR = Audiorate(MainClip)

Background=“BlackPAL.jpg” # Just a black filled Image with 720X576 pixels size. This is the PAL standard size

B=ImageSource(Background ).AssumeFPS(MainClip)

Backgroundaudio=Tone(10.0, 440, AR , AC, “silence”, 1.0).Loop()

FinalMovie=Overlay(B_loop,MainClip,x=34,y=30, mode=“blend”,opacity=1.0).ConvertToYV12() # For VirtualDub or CCE