Locking of threads in AnyDVD forum

I have been coming to CDF for almost 2 years and have not seen so many threads being locked in my life. I thought that The Good, The Bad and The Ugly were allowed to be discussed about any topic within forum rules?

jm1647, most of the closed thread are relating to non functioning keys. As SlySoft has agreed to personally look at each case and since a sticky thread has been posted about this, all of these threads have now been closed.

This forum has been keeping the staff very busy lately. When the threads concerned were open, they always seemed to end up in scraps over whether the OP had a valid license or not and since we don’t know which is the case, it is better for SlySoft to make the decision and end the debates here.

Hopefully the AnyDVD forum will now return to a more peaceful place to post issues with AnyDVD and problems backing up certain titles. :iagree:

That and all the threads going off topic with RIFM works or use this instead of Anydvd etc…

@C0deKing - I seen what was happening :frowning: A lot of times an OP is accused of using a crack vs a valid license, that should be a SS call. And Tom did make the post that was made a sticky for people to PM him about their key being blacklisted, but I guess like always people are not reading the stickies. CDF is a major forum for SS products and visited frequently by SS people. People trying to help should leave the “crack” call to SS people to iron out.

@rolling56 - I thought the important thing is to get a title backed up. It was mentioned that no references to other programs could be made in the AnyDVD forum, but that it is OK to do that in topics about other rippers in the CopyDVD forum that do not have their own forum and our discussed in a topic because they don’t have their own forum. I personally don’t have anything against any program or ripping program and don’t see the logic to this.

Just my 2 cents