Locked photo cd

My kid will be getting his senior pictures in two days on a locked photo cd for review. He has 14 days to view/select and return it before it perminently locks up (so they say).

Anyone know how to unlock something like this?

Well, that is strangeā€¦
Will it be possible for you to test the protected CD when you get it ?
To unlock it - probably CloneCD/Alcohol120% / BlindRW will come in handy.
Depends on what kind of protection & what type of CD they will create.
Will it be a PhotoCD for standalone players maybe ?

Thanks MateuszMiX. I downloaded CloneCD, Alcohol but still looking for BlindRW.

You cannot time-lock a CD.

Either the content has some form of DRM, or is encapsulated within a self-executing player that includes a time lock. Copying the CD is unlikely to be effective at dealing with that.

The only way to beat it, may be to screengrab each displayed picture.