Locked NEC ND-2500 DVD readspeed?

I’m new here so please forgive me if this has been asked before or if i have posted in wrong section.

I recently got my first dvdr burner, the NEC ND2500. I used DVDShrink to backup a couple of movies yesterday and noticed it kept giving the read Rate at around 2,500-2,800 KB/s. Am i incorrect as saying this is only 2x. I have seen reports of this drive supporting 12x dvd-rom reading so does it mean it is locked at 2x for dvd movies? my friend said he had to unlock his pioneer 106 so it can read at 16x. can this be done also for the NEC 2500?

i apologise for my n00bness. thanks in advance!


YOu are correct an OEM drive is locked at the speed of 2X. With a firmware patch you can disable the speed, but possibly voiding your warranty. DO a search in here and you will find the firmware upgrade.


Try to read some threads about ND-2500A and you will find some information regarding some firmware alternatives for your drive.

I haven’t updated my own firmware collections to include them.

At default:

DVD-Video 2x-5x.

With patched firmware (Woids the warranty!!!)

DVD-ROM: 12x
DVD-Video single layer: 12x
DVD-Video dual layer: 6x (not completely sure, could be more).

jump over to http://tdb.rpc1.org if interested in using the hacked firmware…but I’ll say it again: using that firmware woids the warranty.

I don’t mean to double-post but I have to piggyback on this thread with a Q I posted in a noob threadhere.

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voids warranty? just reload the original back on to reinstate the warranty right!!!?

I too am a newbie and want to remove the 2X lock from my NEC 2500. I have seen the 2 following files on The Dangerous Brothers web page:

  • RPC1 firmware based on Windows 1.06

  • Rip Lock Only Firmware Binary and Windows Flasher 1.06.

What is the difference between these 2 files?

Can I run them in WIN XP without having to use DOS?

Do I have to do anything else to remove the 2X lock?

NEC 2500A will rip at 2X copy protected DVD’s however, it’s possible to go to 5X by unlocking with a DVD player program like WinDVD. Just run the movie for 2-3 minuets stop and open the ripping program.