Locked LIteon DVD 166s after fw upgrade

Ok I upgraded my LIteon 166s to the new firmware DS19 and now my dvd is locked to region 2 and Even using the RPC program I can’t disable the RPC protection.

I also downgraded the firmware to DS14 … tried to remove the RPC protection and nothing…

What can I do now?

Is there any new version from RPC proggy

I have RPC Switch 0.6



ps: The correct name of the fw is DS19 , DS18 and DS14

Ummm, 1.19? 1.14? RPC Switch 0.6?

Please double check the versions. I’ve never heard of RPC Switch 0.6 and those firmware versions do not sound like Lite-ON firmware versions.

ok firmware version DS19 (previous version was DS18)
according to DVD info version 2

And yes , the version of RPC says:

size 500 KB
name : RPC Switch 0.6


Does DVDInfoPro say that you have no user changes left? Are you sure that the software counter isn’t what was locked on region 2, not the hardware counter?

Thx for everything dhc014

I managed to change the fw …using an old IDE 40 pins cable (instead of the 80 pins one)

THX… now my DVD is shown as a REGION FREE