Locked/Hung - LiteOn 24102B plz advice



Hi, I have a LiteOn 24102B that has been working flawless until all of a sudden it just froze in the middle of a burn session.
I had to reboot my computer to regain control but that apparantly "broke" my LiteOn

When I insert a CD (Blank/Burned CD-R/W or "regular") all I get from Nero when I do a "Recorder -> Medium Info" is:
"No medium inserted or drive not ready, please try again"

It´s as if my drive won´t recognice that I have put a CD in the tray.
Everything else on the drive seems to be working as it should.
I have already tried to upgrade the Firmware but that did not solve my problem.

Now in a desperate attempt to regain the use of my CD-RW baby I call upon the shared wisdom from all other LiteOn users.
Does anyone have any idea how i can fix the drive ?

I run win2k sp2 on an Duron 1.1GHz

Thnx in advance.
// Rayzer


try removing (uninstalling) your IDE controller from device manager, then reboot and let windows reinstall it


Try to upgrade the firmware.

If you already have the latest, reflash in DOS with mtkflash.

That may help…


I tried to use MTKFLASH in DOS but that did´nt work =(
I guess it´s dead then =(