Locked dvd


my dvd player (SONY CD-RW CRX216E) has been locked and i have already tried Any DVD (21days) and Region+CSS Free (http://www.dvdidle.com/dvd-region-free.htm (which is not free anymore)

Any bright ideas?

This freeware utility removes CSS, Bad Sector, and region protections. It works much like Any DVD and Region+CSS Free. I’m not sure of its reliability or whether its bug free. http://www.dvd43.com/

first i have heard of a cd-rw drive being locked. what xactly r u reffering to by “locked”
? cos the Sony CRX216E is a cd-rw drive not a dvd drive

it is an indication of how unfamiliar i am wit hthis things…sorry…but i do have a SONY CRX216E that is defenitely the type…what happened was i changed the region a fe times and after that i could not watch a movie either with WMPlayer or Power DVD