Lockdown2000 v5 serial wanted?



can anyone tell me where to find a serial for
lockdown 2000 v5
or a patch of fix...that actually works


Don’t be a bloody idiot!
Be careful trusting your system security on this, do some testing and you
decide. Some interesting test results to consider - http://www.primenet.com/~lippard/pchelp/LDtest.htm http://www.nwi.net/~pchelp/lockdown/Davis/index.html http://www.nwinternet.com/~pchelp/lockdown/debunk/index.html http://www.nwinternet.com/~pchelp/bo/htinvest.htm http://www.antionline.com/cgi-bin/features/ProductReview?date=10-08-1999

The history of the authors is a very interesting read.
Don’t even bother testing this let alone buying it.


Use Zonealarm it’s free and one of the best firewall programs i now. http://www.zonealarm.com/


I used a cracked version of Lockdown 5.0, and the first time I powered on after install, the program actually connected to the net to it’s homepage, and checked that I had an invalid serial! Then a box popped up warning me, and it shut down. How’s that, a firewall remotely accessing the net! Junk it,and use zonealarm, BlackICE, or Norton Internet.
I have the last 2, e-mail me for them.