LockBlocks and LiteOn 40125W

Greetings everybody!

I am trying to bacup a LockBlocks protected game (The Longest Journey) with my 40125w and CloneCD I 've read that generally I should turn on Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner with a range of 1 or 2.

First question: can my LiteOn handle LockBlocks without IBSS on?

Apart from this, I 've also read that I should enable Fast Error Skip. Well, which option should I use: automatic, software or hardware? And how many retries? I 've seen somewhere that LiteOns revert always to hardware, no matter what the user chooses.

And one last question, although I don 't know if this is the right forum to appear in :bigsmile: : Is Blindread/Blindwrite better than CloneCd when it comes to LockBlocks?

IBSS is only a nice thing of you have lots of consecutive bad sectors. Switching that off can never hurt, it can only increase the time you need to read your disc.

LiteOn drives can only do hardware error correction. Setting it to software or none will be ignored.

I haven’t done LockBlocks but I think OC-Freak has. IBSS will not help nor will FES. If it takes more than a few hours, try BW and use the Multiple Gaps option.

FutureProof, are you sure? I 've definitely read that IBSS should be checked. :confused:

Originally posted by kpapa
…I 've definitely read that IBSS should be checked. :confused:
The errors have to be consecutively placed in something resembling a pattern. The posts I’ve read suggest that IBSS slows the read. FES on ‘auto’ will cut in and out. FES forced ‘on’ may also find phantom errors. Your choice :wink: