Lock-up when nero reads audio

Every time I try to copy an audio cd, nero detects the indices without
problems, then starts to read track 1, but this was it. the drive
spins down after a few seconds, and whole system is locked-up
completely. I can’t even shut down win2k regularly, but need to make
use of the power button…
When I have read the cd with the external usb-burner, everything works
fine. But I just don’t want to change these disks all the time, so any
hint on this is very appreciated. The DVD-ROM-drive manages all other
tasks without any trouble.
I use a Dell Inspiron 4000 system with LG DVD-ROM DRN8080B, Nero and Win2k Pro.
Thanks in advance!

Errrmmmm…your device has to be capable of Digital Audio Extraction in the first place; a lot of devices, err particularly DVD-ROMs, can’t do this. The audio subchannels have to be read as well as some other sector stuff.

Gamecopyworld.com has some test software as does nero.com…you’ll soon find if your device can rip or not. If it can let us know and we’ll go from there…hell, stay in touch anyway!

I am having the same problem with ripping dvd, is there anyone who can send me a guide on dvd to dvd burning using nero. and a Phillips dvd-rw. thanks

here’s good news - about my drive, not nero, unfortunately:

nero cdspeed results:
normal DAE test: 0% errors
advanced DAE test: rating of 10; accurate stream: no

usage of the drive with CD DAE 99 (from www.cdspeed2000.com):
not a single problem - perfect extraction at about 6x speed.

as it seems, nero burning rom is just not the right software for my drive…