Lock up at %70

Hi I am having problems with dvd on my onkyo s555 player I use clone cd and studio 10 to create disc with a lite on ldw-411s.

if I play the movie on the pc it works fine %100 but in my onkyo dvd player the picture locks up 3/4 of the way through the movie on some brands of media.

If the laser was dirty on the onkyo wouldn’t it lock up from the start or at randam.

Any ideas

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Usually these problems are due to a bad burn.

What media do you use? What speed you used to burn?

So you use cd clone to copy your DVD’s?



You’re right :iagree: I missed it :doh:

I have used laser brand and other generic unlabeled brands the old silver laser dvd worked well but i cant get them any more ritec work ok. I always try to buy +r and burn at 4times.
I am now thinking that I changed from dvd region free to any dvd when I last formated the pc I think I had a similar problem 2 years ago with any dvd but much worse i can’t remember what happend but i got rid of it and it solved the problem

What program do you use to burn your dvd’s?

Your problem is in the media. You should avoid ritek discs. Try with some quality media like verbatim or sony

Originally Posted by geno888,
Try with some quality media like verbatim

Excellent choice!