Lock On MAC

I just purchased Lock On, and I am having difficulties because of my Lite on combo drive. The game tells me I have the wrong disc in. Does anyone know if there is a no cd crack out, or another way to bypass this error? Unfortunately, since the game is opened I do not have the option to return it for a different title, so essentially all I have is a demo I paid $40 for.

What kind of protection is it?
Do you have any virtual devices (alcohol or daemon tools) installed, the protection might have blacklisted those. If so then either uninstall the devices or you could try making an image out of the game and mount it on a virtual device.

I have alcohol… I tried removing that program and it still didn’t work. As for the type of protection… I am not at my computer, but when I get home I will run clonyxxl and let you know. I called the manufacturer 6 times today and they finally agreed to send me a no cd patch… however, they told me it won’t work on multiplayer, which is the sole reason I bought the game.

I’m curious to know, how do you mount something on a virtual device? I’m not sure what you mean by that. I don’ t think you are saying a seperate device but running it off of alcohol… could you explain?

You make an image out of it in alcohol and mount it on alcohols virtual device :slight_smile:
You simply right click your created image in the list and select “mount on device”.