Lock Computer App

Are there any apps that allow me to limit the time of computer usage for my son? If so what are they?

how old is your son? I’m guessing he’s old enough to be at home alone since i assume you can’t be there to monitor him which is why you’re looking for something in the first place.

have you tried just asking him to limit his usage?

i don’t know of any programs off the top of my head, but assuming he’s between the ages of say 11-17 and is aware of google, he’ll figure out how to bypass whatever you throw at him, and if he doesn’t he’ll go to the library or a friend’s house and use computers there.

I use such a program to limit the time on my daughters computer.
Search for a free program called “nannyshutdown” through google.

Whouldn’t be a problem if you gave you kid dos like I had when I was a kid. Lol.