I wonder how one should handle different languages when using Nero. More specifically, the dialog texts in the user dialog callback function. The only locale related function I have found is the NeroGetLocalizedWaitCDTexts() call which should be used in the dialog callback when the dialog type is WaitCD. This returns a char *… Does that mean the string is UTF8 ? Or how do they handle languages like arabic or japanese ?

Which brings me to wonder, why is there no localization functions for all the different dialog types ? As it is now, it is up to the programmer to write those texts, and if the programmer does not know into which countries the program might get sent, he just has to hope that the people there understand english. Same goes for the “option texts” for those dialogs (e.g. DLG_DISCONNECT), not all dialogs are just yes/no/abort questions…

Does it have something to do with the language file in the NERO_SETTINGS ? It seems Nero itself is using it for these things, but one should not need to parse that file in order to make one’s program language independent.

Am I only ranting here, or how do other programmers handle this situation, or is there something I have missed when pouring over the API documentation ?


I use Nero.LanguageFile
Name of the Nero language file. This property can be written before NeroAPI initialization, becomes readonly afterwards. Used only as NeroAPI initialization parameter. Like

nero.LanguageFile = "Nerorus.txt";

Yes, I use the same file in the initalization. But how do you get those strings in the Nero user dialog callback when constructing the user dialogs ?