Local known artist, trends, events, etc. – What is the rest of us missing out on?!?

Since there are people on CDF from all over the world, there must be a lot of input for such a thread. So the idée is a followed. Everyone who knows for instance a artist, trend or even an event, which is very popular in his country, but not in de rest of the world. Then He/She should share that particular band, singer, trend or whatever with us. Even if it’s in your local langue, as long as you consider it good enough quality to show it to others.

I’ll kick of with two dutch singers/bands (which I consider as cool)

What are your suggestions?? :wink:

First suggestion: remove krezip from your list. :Z :Z
I don’t wanna be associated with krezip.

You forgot within temptation: Within Temptation

Check out the Dutch hardrock band Vintage. The drummer is a friend of mine.
They’re not (yet) well known in the Netherlands, but I’m sure they will be.
It’s a kickass band. :cool:
You can listen to fragments of their songs on their website.

Be sure to check out some reviews of their first album “Caught in the Game”.

Within Temptation :iagree: forgot that one!

“Vintage” is not known to me. But hey, that’s what this thread is for… :wink:

Dutch Hardcore Hip Hop Band (raps in Dutch as well :slight_smile: )

mp3’s can be found on their offciial (dutch text) page: www.osdorp-possse.nl

corrected the URL…

also see: http://www.ramp-records.nl/

Op, is certainly kewl… (to bad it’s dutch, hard to understand…)

If anyone is going to say Bløf, I’m gonna ask a ban for that person. :iagree: :bigsmile:

It’s “BLØF” - http://www.blof.nl (Also in dutch)

Tax’s, will you ban him ( :wink: ) … even you should :Z :Z from Bløf.

every year in texas we have what’s called the SXSW Music Festival.It has a lot of indie bands trying to get signed by labels and quite a few known musicians.It also has movie screenings,trade show stuff etc…This thing is huge here in texas.Check it Out.

:Z:Z:Z:Z:Z:Z:Z a cheap Evanescence clone :(, at least the album Silence Force …

Evanescence clone?!? No, not by far…

But still a nice band…

Keep in mind that taste is personal, that’s why we share this information over here. So everyone can judge for his self, and doesn’t have to wait till something is pushed over de borders by commerce.

I really like this Artist.

Actually Whithin temptation was first, then came Evanescence. If you want my opinion: I dislike them both. Both bands are formed to satisfy teenagers that want to claim they listen to gothic music. No, there’s nothing goth to both these bands… as a matter of fact, their beloved lady singers (who look pretty nice btw) both can’t sing. It’s just commercial music just like the rest of all the sh@t.

If you want Dutch goth music, check out The gathering. That’s a real band.

I know many of these local bands, but to be honest, I don’t think you’re missing much; all they do is make as much noise as possible; every moron can do that :wink:

/Me runs off, to start a new band

Like I said, it’s personal… Let everyone be his own judge…
The purpose of this thread is to get acquainted with all kinds of stuff from over the world. Some you like and some you don’t, it’s not a big deal…

so please keep’em coming! :slight_smile:

http://www.johnpitre.com/JP/images/QUEEN_OF_SWORDSfl.jpg :iagree:

Hmm, only dutch input… (except for two)

This isn’t working, to bad…

What do you expect when you mention krezip in the first post.

Something completely different then :slight_smile:


Is it gothic?

http://www.front242.com Bizzare Techno - Electronic Body Music (Sounds a little like Rammstein) :wink: