Local Battle.net server for Diablo II: LOD

All Diablo II players out there, check out this new Battle.net server.

It’s a local (for Dutch people that is) Bnetd server running on a fast connection (so no lag as on real Bnet), you can join with your existing characters in Open Battle.net or Create a closed Character in Closed gameplay.

Here’s how:
Download this http://www.bnetd.org/files.php/tools/BnetGCfg.exe first, so that you can add the server to the list of Battle.net servers in your registry.
Start BnetGCfg.exe, goto view and select Diablo II Gateways. You should see your current list of Diablo servers now. Simply add
Name = <Any name you like>
Host =
Zone = -1

to the list via edit and click update button.

Close program, start up Diablo, you should be able to select the server you just added in Diablo’s main menu now. Start a closed or open battle.net game, whichever you prefer and have fun!