Loads Of problems, Please Help!

Hi, I have just bought a new PC (yes, the one with :eek: 4 GB RAM:eek: ) and I’m having loads of problems.

  1. Nero Recode

I bought Nero 6 Suite 3 about 3 months ago which included Nero Recode. I have now downloaded the updates from www.nero.com and now I can not get Nero Recode 2 working, it says Demo has expired, I have entered my CD key but it still won’t do it, please help. If you need to e-mail me contact me at

  1. Chrome

I bought 3 games from GAME as part of there 3 for £20. I bought Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, Splinter Cell & Mission Pack and Chrome.
All of them worked fine, except Chrome. The CD key was invalid. Do any of you lot have a key or keygenerator for Chrome? If so, i really need it. Aswell on Splinter cell, when i try to open a locked door and pick at the lock it still wont open. Can you lot help???

  1. DVDsanta

I use dvdSanta as my main application to convert avi to DVD. Now, i’ve noticed that if I try to add more than 5 files dvdSanta just closes:confused:, can you help!!!

Please help, e-mail me with answers,

:iagree: :iagree:

We dont do cracks/keygens here. Read the rules (see sig) before you post again.


OK after that legal note back to the help
I would suggest with nero uninstall it and reinstall the original and update but do not install the Nero recode 2 this should fix the problem.
Can’t help you with 2 because of legal reosons and i don’t have one anyway
and for the santa thing try and see if there are any updates sorry i can’t be of more use to you

Get your money back for Santa, and get Tmpgenc’s suite of stuff.
More people have more trouble with Santa, than just about any other.
Get a good encoder. Even QuEnc free does a better job. Tmpgenc plus is respectable. CCE is better.
Get a good authoring app. DVDLab, or Tmpgenc Dvd Author recommended.
Burn with your Nero.


Thanks everyone and sorry I did not realise your not allowed to ask for cracks. I have tried TMPGEnc but every time I click open on a video file when I need to select it, It says ‘Invalid Video Source’

What are your source files? mpeg, avi, or?
What tpe of audio is in them?

Email Nero about your problem. They should either issue a new key or validate your existing one, if it’s actually valid.

As others said, cracks/keygens not allowed, but if you reall have problems with a legal key, you could try emailing the distributors, but I don’t think that is going to help you.

I’d rather check their website for a FAQ/Know Bugs List or just emailing them, since that seems like a bug (shouldn’t be a limitation).

You shouldn’t post your email like that, unless you’re looking for 50 emails per day of spam :stuck_out_tongue: