Loads Of Game Protection Tools. Are These Anti Blacklisting Tools?

i have an anti balcklisting tool called sd4hide & found a lot of game protection tools. are these anti blacklisting tools as well & would it be worth getting these tools? securom v7.26 loader, alkisecurom v1.0, securom v7 loader v1.2, curerom v2.0.3 pro, curesecurom, m7md remover v1.0, safedisc 4 blocker v1.0, securom 7 burner loader v1.0, starforce anti file system blocker, starf**k tools v0.83, tetris ( twins emulation tool released in summer) v1.1, anti blah (yet another anti securom v7 registry trick) v1.0 (all), starforce nightmare v1.12, virtual cd hide v1.0.0.4, anti blaxx v1.18 (all), sr7 stop v1.2, mir (mini image ripper), safedisc 2 cleaner v1.2.0, cdmage v1.02.1, cd-cops decrypter v2.1, playbackup v2.1, & unsecurom nt xp & 2000 v1.0. sometimes i have problems when i try to play certain games after backing them up with cdclone 5. sometimes i have to look for no cd cracks. would these tools help? any help, advice or suggestions are welcome & appreciated. thanks