Loads of dealers are cleaning up

I just posted the article Loads of dealers are cleaning up.

Mr. R used our newssubmit to tell us that a lot of dealers are getting out of bussiness because of the recent busts.

Here’s what he wrote:

Due to the inmense heat on the dealer scene loads…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1438-Loads-of-dealers-are-cleaning-up.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1438-Loads-of-dealers-are-cleaning-up.html)

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Its better for those ‘dealers’ to quit their biz. they are only a danger for their customers. if you dont know how to deal the professional way, you better stop. if you be a little creative nobody can trace you back to your home adress. But these ‘busts’ have no impact anyway cause only little kiddies got ‘busted’. hope this is a warning to the rest kids outhere, let it be! :wink:

People dealing deserve to be forced into stopping. That is not what the warez scene is about, it originally started as a place to give stuff and turned (like most other things in the world) a way of making money. There are hundreds of people who ar parts of groups still doing this for free. Without them the warez scene would be dead. Keep it real keep it free, The charge rediculous amounts for the goods, don’t deliver, delears are the wrong impression of warez. Although Warez is still wrong at least in a sense it is free (apart from the latest reports on the FXPin). Dealers are there to supply goods for people without high speed connections… mmmhhh yeah right. My 56k copes, just takes a little time. I say lets all go back to our roots and use unix… the best way forward and its brothers and sisters are free for us to download and use. FLAME ME i don’t care, dealers make a lot of money for the wrong reasons.

A lot of small kiddies [I was something like that] stop dealing now. The price will raise now I quess, for example the pretty expensive Liquid [who delivers very good by the way]. So kiddies stop; Big ones will grow and grow… Grtz JP.

All the dealers are stopped before the busts We zagen het al aankomen…(don’t know how you say that in Englisch :))

We saw it coming :slight_smile: Cart… :slight_smile:

bwuhaha my englisch is still getting badder :slight_smile: But who cares? :slight_smile: