Loading up new computer...help. Need advice

Loading up new desktop and no longer have access to old software (long story). Used to install and support (back in DOS days) and trying to play catch up on knowledge. Few questions: Is Adaware Personal (free) good enough or should I pay for +; looking at Emule for P2P, thoughts??; have DVD Shrink and anydvd (clonedvd and dvd decrypter missing) will these 2 do the job, or looking at RipIt4me also, thoughts??; having problems with flash player ocx causing explorer to shut down. Help :confused:

Adaware Personal is good, but I always run at least two different ones, to catch as much as possible. Seems one will always catch something that the other missed. I like Spybot along with adaware, as I use the TeaTimer function which allows you to have it ask for approval, each time a program requests a registry change. It can get annoying on installs, but the rest of the time, it is nice to have.

Can’t tell you about P2P, as I don’t use it. But I’m sure someone else can answer your question about that.

As for you copy/clone software, what you have should be okay. You may have problems with RipIt4me, as it is gone now.

Adaware personal is good for me.
Do you have anti-virus software? There’s a fairly long thread here discussing all the different options, but AVG have a free version which I find pretty good.

Any DVD and Clone DVD work well for me - I’ve never used DVD shrink, so I’m not much help there :wink:

A free burning application is Burrrn.

Also can’t tell you about P2P - don’t use it.

Here’s a link that might be able to help with the older software: http://www.oldversion.com/ You may also want to check this one too: http://www.techsupportalert.com/best_46_free_utilities.htm

computer won,t boot from cd or floppy can you help me with bios settings shows proper 123 boot devices but won,t work ,
any help would be appreciated thabks

AVG is the #1 download at cnet.
Adaware is #2
Spybot is #12

There is other “free” anti viri/anti-ad software around but I’m kinda used to AVG/ADaware/spybot

Tey work, and don’t generate any conflicts…
Well, there is that one issue with ECDC, but there’s a patch for that


out of the FREE Anti-Virus programs… i personally like “Avira” the most cause Avast i find to be horrible on resources! … AVG is decent.

the only catch with Avira is that every time it updates it’s virus definitions (basically 1 time per day) it has 1 pop up ad but it’s not a big deal and you can simply close it and that’s the end of it.

for simple mainstream p2p stuff… Frostwire (www.frostwire.com) (it’s free and open-source to) … but i typically dont use it much myself, maybe once in a great while i use it (mainly for finding a single song or something) … also i would not recommend downloading anything but music from p2p in general as it’s a quick way to get infected with a virus if you dont know what your doing etc.

for pretty much everything else i use USENET (i.e. newsgroups) but those cost money (im assuming your ISP dont offer good ones which most dont nowadays) but for the speed and ease of use etc it’s easily worth every cent of that 11 dollars a month through through astraweb ( http://www.news.astraweb.com/specials/kleverig-11.html ) but if you aint familiar with this it’s not super easy to use like Frostwire etc is but once you know how to use it… it’s far better than standard p2p crap… basically that newsgroup stuff carries files for 160days (i.e. 160 days data retention) before it’s removed from there server and it will MAX OUT your internet line in speed which torrents usually wont do… plus torrents typically tax your internet line since it makes many many connections… plus newsgroups offer SSL (encrypted transfers, meaning no one can see what your downloading) to which is a nice benefit… to use newsgroups you need a newsgroup client (i recommend Alt.Binz , http://www.altbinz.net/ , which is free) and use a website like ‘binsearch.info’ or ‘newzleech.com’ to find what you need etc etc… i aint going to go into details on how to use it right now.

if you want something easy to use ‘torrent’ (which is better than crap like Frostwire in general, u need to use sites like isohunt.com or piratebay.org etc to find what you need) are probably most mainstream stuff and free… for a torrent client i recommend ‘utorrent’ it’s free and lite on resources.

I passionatly HATE popups that insist on an answer.
(that do not include a self-activating timout)

AVG does it’s updates on a scheduel and at the times I have it set to run I NEVER have to be interruped i what I am doing or finding it “hung” waiting for “permission” to do something.


I use Cyberdefender anti-virus which I got for free first off there website (www.cyberdefender.com). Initially it was just a scanner, which found a lot of stuff on my system and got rid of the spyware and Trojans. I also had viruses, so I bought the upgrade which got rid of everything on my system. I haven’t had any problems since. I also found that the paid one came with 24/7 computer help, which I used twice and they were very helpful. So, for me, Cyberdefender works great if you are still looking for alternatives.