Loading tray stuck with Pioneer models



Hello to all the forum, it’s a long time I don’t post here.

The problem is that I have three Pioneer burners (DVR-111D, DVR-112D and DVR-216D) and all of them have problems with the tray mechanism.

The DVR-112D And DVR-216D have difficulty to open the tray mechanism: often pushing the eject button don’t let the tray come out, and usually giving a powerful enough (but not so powerful to break the drive!) fist on top of the drives will lead to the desired result. :smiley:

while the DVR-111D has the inverse problem: it won’t close. This is much easier to deal with, just push the eject button and then push a bit the tray. The servo will recall the tray itself.

I opened the drives and sprayed some silicon oil inside the cogs. The situation got better, but it is not perfect, and I don’t want to give fists to my computer anymore :rolleyes:

What can I do to restore the tray functionality?



Well guys and gals, I solved the problem by myself.

Actually the problem is not in the tray mechanism itself, but it is in the plastic round of the top cover of the burner.

It has, inside it, a little circular piece of metal that is useful to let the motor hook the disc: when a disc is inserted, the tray mechanism goes up and the motor too. The motor has a magnet in itself and it attracts the metal piece inside the plastic round. The disc is kept in between of the two attracting pieces.

The problem, in my case with the DVR-216 is that the magnet is attracting the piece of metal in the plastic round really hard and the tray motor wasn’t able to do enough force to let the magnet and the round of plastic unhook.

My solution consisted in remove the label on the top cover of the burner. This way you can unscrew the top plastic cover protecting the plastic round and then remove the whole plastic round.

You can see the metal plate in it. I just changed a bit the orientation of the metal plate to let it make less attraction with the magnet of the motor. Be careful because the metal plate is a bit hard to remove from the plastic round. I had to break the three little plastic hooks in the middle and then two of three peripheral hooks to turn it, remove it and then reinstall it a bit pulled up on a side.

Do not think to remove the metal plate: the disc won’t be kept in the right position and it won’t spin at all.


Excellent guide and helped me repair both my DVR-212BK and DVR-216 drives as both had the trays sticking.

Many thanks for the excellent help :bow: