Loading time very slow

I have cdrwin, nero, and so on and when I lunch one of those program it take 30 sec to 45 sec to load ???

I think it’s because he check my devices connected on scsi/ide port . But before it never took so long !!! I have a plex 121032* and a dvd pionner 1640 What can I do improve the loading

Maybe it will help to enable DMA for all devices if you haven’t already… It’s pretty hard to say what could be the problem. When did it go wrong? Maybe there’s a conflict with a new program you installed…


appaered in my cd propreties ???

Then you’re running Win2K? Please post more info.

Win2K uses DMA by default I think so this isn’t the problem. It could be an ASPI layer problem since in this post someone also has problems with these program (CDRWin, not Nero)… ?

(1)one week ago i was able to change the dma setting as i like. But now it’s impossible i’m under win98. !!! I don’t understand
it’s a plextor 121032* and a pionneer 1640.

I installed nero (last release) and cdrwin, easy cd creator 5.0 platinium and off course clonecd. that’s all


athlon thunderbird 1 Ghz
Via 4.32 installed (and it 's not the problem because see (1))
MSI 6330 K7T Turbo (2)
256 mram
geforce 3 Leadtek
UDMA 100 7200 T/min

Nero and Easy CD Creator? This could be the conflict. Please uninstall Easy CD Creator or Nero (which one you prefer, but I would go for deleting EasyCD). Do you also have Direct CD installed? If so then delete this too since it has major software conflicts. Use Ahead’s InCD instead together with Nero.

Let me know if it works.

clone cd is the last program install on my system

CloneCD shouldn’t cause any problems. I’m pretty sure the combo Easy CD and Nero can cause some problems but then again it may not. It’s hard to say from here. You can find a little proggie at Aheads website (www.ahead.de) which allows you to choose which burnprogram you wish to run at startup. Maybe this will help? You can find it here: http://www.ahead.de/en/download.htm

(at the bottom of the page: Bootmenu for parallel usage of several burnprograms)