Loading Main Page

It is taking 5+ minutes to load the main forum I have ran my system to insure it is clean ect…And went to a few other forums to their is only one other forum that is lagging like this. I didn’t know if there is some updates being done or what but it is annoying to wait so long on loading this forum it is even worse than if I was using dial-up nope I not using dialup it is just an example I do have dsl but it is really slow. It took me 20 minutes to send a PM to a mod earlier too.

Thanks for looking into this.


Also want to add this slowness is affecting all parts of the forum too.

i’m fine here, Doc.

It’s loading fine today.

I like the new look but the RSS feed does not seem to load the news on the Firebox toolbar? Can you fix this. I seemt to be loading news from 2003 and all over the place.

Since the switch-over, this site has been laggin’ on my systems like crazy.

Thanks! We are going to look into that today.

Also, the site should be a lot faster now, it this correct?

There was the same problem with Internet Explorer 7 yesterday, but only for the “News” feed - not for the other RSS feeds.

It seems to be working now, however. :slight_smile: