Loading Herries Firmware


I have recently purchased a Nec 2500 (mad dog) burner and I would like to
flash herries firmware.

I do not understand how to do this, and yes this is after reading countless posts about binaries, windows flashers and dos flashing.

Also, checking IDE’s and dumps.

Is there a dummies version available so that those new to flashing can get in on this firmware?

I am wondering why did have to buy a drive which is already history and off the market when even versions 3500, 3520, 3540 are being out dated?. You may want to read the thread:


How about these firmware flashing explanations?

Well thanks liggy.

Hopefully this will make sense.

As for why did I buy an older model.

  1. It was new

  2. It burns up to 8x (that’s fast enough for me. I will mainly burn at 4x)

  3. It was cheap. Paid less than 40 bucks for it.

  4. Don’t need 16x (see bullet 2)

  5. 2500 gets it done.

  6. Getting my feet wet so why spend more?

Guess thats enough reasons why I got this older model. Plus from what I read
this is an excellent writer.

NEC 3520A price is $39.99:

welcome to the forum!

it is an excellent writer! i have had 2. i used herrie 107v2b4 since i did not need Dual Layer and it produced excellent results over a huge range of media types. some people really liked the mad dog firmwares but they did not have nearly as many speedups, however if you are going to burn @ 4x of less it might be just what you are looking for.

i did not have as good of luck with the 108v3 herrie did and switched back to 107v2b4

good luck! and i hope your burner works as good as the majority of them have.

Thanks cnlson…

TCAS, thank you too…however, I do not buy online. I buy what I can see and touch. To many stories of burners obtained online that when installed make strange noises and then when returned it takes weeks to get another sent.

Yep. I paid 39 bucks for my 2500. Like I said I do not need 16x. Will not burn an RW in this at all. I do like the faster cd speed, but the 2500 is fast enough as well.

Coming from a guy who just retired a 4x cd burner only…

It’s like I won the lottery…LOL!


I’ve taken a look at Liggy’s page.

I’m sorry, I just don’t understand DOS commands.

I think that this firmware is a great idea, but these files seem to serve those who
are alot more technically advanced than most users.

I know alot about computers, but this stuff is far beyond me.

Is there an easier way to get this firmware? A simple download to C: and load?
For instance, a windows flasher w/the program set to run with a click of a button?

Without understanding DOS there are too many variables in which you can cause
major damage to the drive.

Thanks for understanding.

In this case I don’t understand why you don’t just use the Win32 GUI version. It’s (almost) idiot proof.


This idiot will eventually try it out…LOL!

Thanks for your help.

since the drive is under warranty now and you are not a speed freak why not try the latest maddog firm? there are a lot of people who swear by it!


I’d like the Dual Layer functions. Plus riplock etc.

The Mad Dog download doesn’t have that.

bitsetting is a + but DL is rediculously expensive and riplock on that drive means on prerecorded only dvd video it will rip @7x rather than4x

Yes DL “has” been expensive but the 2.4x discs have come down in price.

I saw a pack of 10 for 9 bucks. Not bad for Dual layer and these were TDK’s.

Do you really see the need for Dual Layer? Shrink works pretty good so far. I guess I just want “all” the bells and whistles I can get.

i have a fairly extensive media collection. of 2300 discs i have a total of 12 DL discs. not sure i will even use these up. i have burned probably on the order of 1500 or so SL dvds and have never had any complaints on the video if done with shrink. where did you see that deal on DL? that would be a good one to post in the bargain basement (of course AFTER pming me the location :slight_smile: )