Loading .cue in Nero 6/7 = 100% cpu?

I am attempting to write a .cue file which relates to an MP3 file in Nero and in both 6.6.018 and some 7.x version it results in 100% CPU usage?

I have tried other cue files to no avail.

That 100% CPU usage could just be Nero decoding the MP3. How long does the CPU stay at 100%? At what point does it do it (i.e. as soon as you open the cue sheet, while you’re burning, for the rest of the duration you have that instance of Nero open, etc.)? Does it do this with uncompressed WAV/CUE pairs?

Upon loading the .cue file Nero goes to 100%. I’ve tried leaving it open for ~10mins with no effect.

Just now I decompressed the mp3 to wav in EAC and updated the .cue file accordingly with .wav filetype and WAVE and still it causes Nero to go to 100%.