Loading Alcohol 120% Image?

If a load an image that Alcohol 120% made, should my game work? Becaue I tried this with NFS:HP2 and it gave me a message that my registry is corrupt and to reinstall this game.

That’s one of the messages one gets when you attempt to run a non-working back-up or image of NFSHP2. You don’t actually need to re-install but you will need to re-boot before attempting to run the game again from your original cd (or from a working back-up).

So how do I make a working image? I think I used the correct read settings in Alcohol 120%. I tried reading in both the Toshiba 1502 and Plex 24/10/40. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

I should’ve thought that either of your two readers would be able to make a working image with the standard safedisc 2 settings. The image should work when mounted on alcohol’s virtual drive without any emulation.

However, you should remember that alcohol is still in its infancy as a program. If the image doesn’t work without emulation when mounted on alcohol’s virtual drive, re-boot (for the reasons outlined earlier in the thread) and try mounting the same image on a daemon tools virtual drive, again without any emulation.

(Note that there have been reports on alcohol’s support forums of occasions where images don’t work on alcohol’s virtual drive but work on a dt virtual drive. The developers of alcohol are working on this issue amongst others.)