Loader error

When I start clone cd I get the error “the ordinal 173 could not be located in the dynamic link library oleaut32.dll”. I have tryed to remove and replace the file but windows will not let me ,I know this is not hardware as I have used clone cd for some time .

packard bell 4001 platinum
384 mb , 500mhz
win 98 se
freecom 24x cdrw

Any help would be helpful ,and could it be in plain english.

Go into system tools/system information and run System File Checker for a start - you could have missing or corrupted Windows files

Thank you for your help,I have carried out your suggestions you have said and tried to exstract the file off the discs which came with the comp, but all to no avail.Any further help would be appreciated.
p.s I noticed another member"startup error" with the same problem so its not just me .