Loaded a bad -91 FW

I updated my 5005 a few months ago with the 0091 fw. I did not check the file I burnt before loading onto the 5005. I guess it got corrupted during download or something. Now it will not accecpt any FW except the bad -91. Just comes up on front display as “file” and "data disc on tv. Any help would be most appreciated.

I need your S/n number from the top or bottom of the setup menu.
You may of not selected to finalize your cd-rom or rw. Put that as default burn again.
Still a problem then go get orginal firmware from liteonamericas.com select download then select dvd instead of optical drives. goto or get liteonit down then enter s/n and download firmware.
If you need help I posted somewhere on how to use Easy CD Creator. at cdfreaks forums select to see all my posts and find it.

I’m good now. Found that if I extracted the file it wouldn’t work. If I just got the file out of RAR and burned it everything was fine. Never used RAR before so that may have something to do with it???