LO. SOHW-832S VS. LG. GSA-4120B what do you think?

hey hey guys :wink:
i wait i wait :wink: but still no 832S avaible here :wink: … now i have seen in a german shop “promarkt” the LG GSA - 4120B…

so dont understand me wrong … i love liteon never used an other Writer / CD/DVD-ROM … but LG was also very very good in the test… and the LG
can also DVD RAM and DVD+R with… yeah with 12x :wink:
this must be a bitch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LG GSA - 4120B @ 149€ (here)

  • DVD+R DL (dual layer) : 2.4x
  • DVD+R/RW : 12x/4x
  • DVD-R/RW : 8x/4x
  • DVD-RAM : 5x
  • CD-R/RW : 40x/24x
  • Leitura DVD-ROM : 16x
  • Leitura CD-ROM : 40x

Lite-On SOHW-832S @ 179€ (here)

  • DVD+R DL (dual layer) : 2.4x
  • DVD+R/RW : 8x/4x
  • DVD-R/RW : 8x/4x
  • DVD-RAM : N/A
  • CD-R/RW : 40x/24x
  • Leitura DVD-ROM : 12x
  • Leitura CD-ROM : 40x

sooooooooooooo guys… what do you think… :slight_smile:

LG - faster, cheaper.
I love LiteON too but there’s no need to pay more for less;)

MicroDirect now have it in the UK :cool:

Before anyone asks, its the LG they have - but out of stock…

does lg supports all liteon features like booktype, measuring pi/po etc? If so, it seems to be a good drive.


For all europeans, especially for german peeps. you can buy the 832s or 4120b for 137 euros each @ www.kmelektronik.de . But the interesting thing is that you can buy there nec`s new dual layer burner the 2510 for only 112 euros !!! now thats cheap isnt ist?


lg 4120b has bitsetting?

I am planning to buy a DVD-recorder too. Now, that there are so many new DL-recorder on the market I am totally confused, which one to choose.

My first choice were the LG and the LiteOn, but now there is a new one from Phillips.

Can anyone tell me which one is the best to buy?

Which one has the best support, best writing quality and so on?