LNFA1098.ES5 now out ! 4 the 5005



so that makes that there is an Esu an Es3 and a ES5 firmware for the lovely 5005 – how wonderful!!!
LNFA1098.ES5 now out !!! 4 the 5005




To clarify this post, the ES5 Firmware has been out since 03/28/05. I was at the LiteOn download site today and there is nothing new for the 5005 USA models at this time. I downloaded the ES5 Firmware the day it was released and have had no problems with my machine since. The file LNFA1098.ES5.0102.184x.zip is the most recent which has been out for about a month now.
Regard’s; Pop’s


Pop’s I agree, the file available now is the same one we got on the 3-28-05 with the 3-27-05 6:48PM time stamp.


When you go to Liteons website and tap in the serial number,it gives you a download update even though it’s the one you’ve already got.So i assume we look for the ES5 to change before going any further.Is that right?.I would have thought Liteon would tell you ‘no further update’ when tapping in your S/N…anybody else found this? :confused:


robbie-uk; Yes that is exactly what I find when going to the LiteOn site. It used to tell us we have the most recent firmware. It is a little confusing now. Unless the ES5 in the file changes, I guess that will determine if there is a newer version available.
Regard’s; Pop’s