Llite on dvd burner

LITE ON DVD BURNER : :a I saw your review on LITE ON DNVD BURNERS or should I say NO burns-- I decided to try lite on ,I did not to have to retry& retry. I boudht # lit-on DVD burners, 2 internal one external. at this time I have had to replace One Internal and the external. the third is going bad also. Burners that go bad in two weeks, are rediculose, I will not buy another lite ON product again nor will I recomend any to anyone else. I have nec, HP, BENQ, no problem. they hold up. I’m Just glad I put those units in my computer instead of one I sold. I donot have products come back,with lie on I would Have. I purchased these items on the recomendation of an assosate, whom since had problems with lite-on(lite-off). He also will no longer be selling lite-on. If lite-on wants to move ahead in the industry they need to improve the quality of their products. They work fine when they work, the are not reliable.

you shouldn’t flame here as it’s up to you which drive you want to use. i’m using liteons since 6 years now, started with a 8x cdrw, then 16x, 48x, 52x and now the second liteon dvdrw drive and have had no real problems, except for the writing quality on cheap media with my now retired dru-710a.
and you do not say what problems you got… this is a flame post only and looks like you’re a 10 years old, not happy with a birthday gift you got from your mom.

HP sells LiteOn drives too… Could be you are the (lucky?) owner of one of those.


Happy LiteOn owner here (I have two), and there are plenty more of us around.

BTW, bravo, Chok0!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist :bigsmile:

Got a 812@832 and 1213@1653 both external and they both are very good drives. I also have a plex, nec and benq so I know where I’m coming from.

If you don’t like Liteon drives then just don’t buy anymore of them no need to
get on here and act like a 10yo kid and FLAME the company. We are not forcing
or twisting your arm and trying to make you buy them from now on :disagree: I can say
without a doubt I’ve always had good luck with Liteon drives so if you’re having
all the problems with them that you say you are then just RMA them back and
get yourself something else. Please don’t waste our time with this kind of post if
you need help then we are here to try and help and if you just want to cry :sad:
and FLAME the company then PLEASE take it elsewhere :a