LizaMoon & Epsilon: Tread forth online with caution

LizaMoon & Epsilon: Tread forth online with caution.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Just in the past week two new major online threats have surfaced with attempts to steal private consumer information. The truth is that there are plenty more sinister applications than that lurking in our midst, but a little education and vigilance can help you keep your financial information out of the hands of cyber-thieves.

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Sensible advice too. :iagree:

You really can’t be too suspicious these days and I’m sceptical more than most. :wink:


Got an email from 2 of these companies that do business with Epsilon. Spam email folder up to 160 a day, from roughly 20 before they got hacked. I think as a society we must start demanding that any credit information be kept ofline and on a wired secure network with data encryption. When companies used to use the old paper system, I don’t remember get ripped off quite so much.