Living In Japan

Hello all

I’m seriously thinking about moving to Japan (I have Tokyo in mind) but I’ve got a few questions first.

  1. I know property in japan is very expensive, so renting is my part time solution. I’ve had a few quotes of websites that advertise propertys to let. Anyway is general living costs expensive? I mean supermarkets, clothes etc etc?

  2. Currently living in the UK would I have any trouble in obtaining a visa to live in japan?

  3. I read somewhere that white caucasians are somewhat looked down upon in Japan, I am no way implying that the Japanese are racist. But would I have any problems in this area?***

***I don’t want to upset or start trolling by this question. If it does I’ll edit it out.

Cheers for your time


Since elderly South Koreans were all once Japanese, I still have some relatives that can speak and write in Japanese as well as some that still live in Japan and teach in Japanese. Many of my friends are also working or studying in Japan, mostly in Tokyo.

How much can you afford? Living a little farther from the downtown Tokyo can reduce the monthly renting cost. In general, Tokyo is much cheaper than Seoul, per income. Also cheaper than Shanghai for the relative buying power. As long as you don’t have 2-meter leg, space shouldn’t be a problem.

Clothes and food are often imported from US, Australia, China, South Korea, southeast Asia, etc. Supermarkets are well developed, at least much better than South Korea though there are still a lot of “mom-and-pop” stores. Taxi, subway, restraurants are expensive compared to most other countries. Hamburgers and internet are cheap.

Should ask the Japanese embassy in the UK. :slight_smile: It’s relatively easy for South Koreans (compared to getting a visa to live in the US or in the UK.)

White Caucasians are looked UP in Asia if you know what I mean. All peoples and individuals are racists to some degree. Racism starts from ignorance and lack of touch with other peoples and other cultures so it depends largely on education, intelligence, integrity, travels, etc.

Nothing you said seems to be of ill intention. :slight_smile:

Cheers all my questions answered.

Thanks for your time it’s appreciated.

Koba and Diseree may answer differently. :slight_smile:

  1. You surely should get something in a suburb of Tokyo. The Trainsystem overhere is very good and every 5-10 minutes there is a Train. Supermarkets can be found near every Train Station and you can find Convinience stores opened 24hours a day at almost every corner. But living is rather expensive compared to Europe. Example: 500Ml of Beer is about 250Yen (a little less than US$2.5) Imported beer is more expensive (I know you get Beer for less a Dollar in Europe). MCDonalds and Internet Access should be cheaper overhere. Clothes should be no problem price wise as long as you dont go for brands.

  2. VISA. You should ask the Japanese Enbassy in UK. The only thing i know that for living here in Japan it is necessary to have a guarantor who is Japanese. But it should not be difficult.

  3. You should not have any problems about Racism. The only thing is that every Foreigner gets registered and must have a Foreigner Registration Card (Gaikokujin Touroku Card). This card has to be renewed periodicaly. Many Foreigners here in Japan regard this as a form of racism.
    White Caucasians have much less problems than Asians (Koreans, Chinese etc) have.

Hope this helps you.
If you have any more Questions please feel free to ask.

Not that different, should I add. :slight_smile:

Also for the sake of record, either the Chosen-Jin, those familes left or stayed in Japan since before 1945, North Koreans who came to Japan, or South Koreans who chose to work and study in Japan, have no problems living in Japan and they did have a choice. When people in South Korea ask me whether it’d be better to go to Japan, I always say yes and encourage them. That’s the only proactive method to cope with racism if there’s any.

Gaikokujin Touroku Card

Most Westerners didn’t seem to understand such a concept though it’s common and standard in some other parts of the world. It’s just part of the system, not really racism. If it’s an example of racism, the whole systems should be regarded as racist which in turn needs a lot more careful and wholisic analysis. Gai Koku Jin sounds to me Out Nation Person and Tou Roku sounds to me registration. It’s the same Chinese used in the South Korean “Citizen Registration Card.” Most people on CDFreaks couldn’t find how to register at site when the site was mentioned on the Plextor forum because nearly every important South Korean web forum requires the number of 13 digits.

My own #1 brother, my wife, my wife’s brother, and her father didn’t find such things difficult at all but actually say it’s much easier in Japan. My wife stayed mainly in Tsukuba and liked the place very much. Unlike South Korea, Japan is diverse for an Asian country.

250 Yen for a Japanese Kirin or Sapporo 500ml beer sounds cheap to me. I should import a container full of 500ml Sapporo beer cans. :bigsmile:

First i have to say sorry if i offended anyone.
I did not mean that Koreans or Chinese have much trouble over here in Japan. But its more like that Chinese make more News. So the image of Chinese as a whole gets influenced with some extremists or people with low education. But sorry to say these kind of people are everywhere. Normally foreigners in Japan have no trouble at all.

Gaikokujin Touroku Card in short gaijin touroku card 外国人登録Card is just the system over here. The thing is that most European Countries and the USA do not have such a system. For many Europeans this is something new…
A German friend of mine once in anger said that they in Germany should do the same to every Japanese living in Germany. And as Kenshin says it isnt racism, its just the system.

Maybe 250yen for 500ml Japanese Beer is cheap for you Kenshin but in many European Countries you can have 1Litre of good original Pilsener Beer for under 100Yen.

Yeah. So many South Koreans drink so much alcohol, beer, soju, sake-like beverage, whiskey, wine, vodka, champaign, etc.

My friends who lived and studied in Germany tell me often about the drum-sized beer that is cheaper than mineral water in South Korea. Only Sapporo, Kirin, Budweiser (the real thing, not the beer made in South Korea), and other imported beer are so expensive in South Korea. OB and other local brands cost something like 130 Yen for 640ml. Where I live, near Inchon International Airport, the price for a Sapporo can (600ml?) was more like 600 Yen. Thanks god, I don’t drink one bottle beer in a year. Once had bottles of soju (worse effects than most Western beverage) in a few hours, many times each week, but that was also just the system, nothing to do with my personal perferences. :slight_smile: My father used to prefer 1.8 liter soju. Quite insane, but anybody would have went more insane in his situation.