Liveupdate not working on BTC 1004

On BTC1004 (Pikaone badged) I get the following error message when trying to update the firmware from 039 to 051 :

This firmware can be used on below drives :
(1) DVDRW IDE1004 .
Check Sum : 27D9
Please wait a minute…
Execute command errorA!! 5/20/ 0
Flashing is incorrect!!

If I try to use the latest firmware update directly, it doesn’t recognise the drive on the pull-down menu.

Any ideas ? I’m stuck !

I used to have the same problem (with the same output) with my DVDRW IDE1004… I tried to upgrade firmware 0040 to 0051 directly…

Thanks to Marco of BTC support, I tried first to upgrade 0040 to 0050 with IDPFLIDR1004V0050.EXE
( )

and then I tried the standard upgrade to 0051 downloaded from BTC europe site
( ).

I hope it works!