Livedrive rolls out additional features



Anyone looking for cloud-based service; well, here’s a press release I just received:

The Livedrive team are delighted to announce that we are launching some significant changes which will make Livedrive even easier and more flexible than ever before! You’ll find new features and improvements across the whole of Livedrive, including your personal web portal and the Livedrive Desktop Software:

  • Easier to use than ever before – Livedrive has always been simple to install and simple to use, but we’ve worked to make it even easier in this release. If you’re installing the Livedrive Desktop Software on a new computer then our new installation wizard guides you through the process in very easy steps – starting with backup and then Livedrive’s advanced access-anywhere features. You can now configure Livedrive in under a minute and you don’t need any technical knowledge!

  • Livedrive Briefcase – your L: drive and the “Your Files” tab on your personal web portal are now called Livedrive Briefcase. Giving these features the same name makes the Livedrive experience more consistent and easier to understand.

  • New Music Browser application – our fantastic new Music Browser is built in to your web portal and lets you browse all of the music on your Livedrive account by Artist, Album, Genre or Year. It is now so much easier to find and play your music from any web browser! Find out more about how to try this feature here:

  • Refer Friends to Get Rewards – with Livedrive you can earn a free year’s subscription for every three friends you refer to us! Our newly improved Refer Friends feature on your web portal makes it easier than ever to tell friends about Livedrive and be rewarded for it too – import your friends from your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account, and see in real time how many friends have accepted! To get started just log in to you web portal and click on your Refer Friends tab!

  • Even more powerful Desktop Software – the Livedrive Desktop software is now even more powerful thanks to greater support for a technology called Volume Shadow Copy. This enables Livedrive to upload files even when they’re in use – so if you’ve got a document open in Word or your e-mails open in Outlook, we can still back these files up in the background. This makes Livedrive faster and more responsive than ever before!

If you have the Livedrive Desktop software installed on your computer then you will be asked to update it in the next few hours. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions – it’s very easy and it only takes a few minutes. If you don’t have the Livedrive Desktop software installed yet, please log in to your web portal at and click on the “Quick Start Guide” link on the left hand side. It only takes minutes to set up!

We hope you enjoy these latest changes to your Livedrive. As always if you need any assistance then we’re eager to help – simply visit the Help tab in your web portal to see our FAQs and Forum, or e-mail our technical support team at
Free 30-day trial available, if you’re wanting to give it a shot.