Live 8 concerts cause CD album sales to rocket up to 1,343%

I just posted the article Live 8 concerts cause CD album sales to rocket up to 1,343%.

 So far the  music industry thinks the only proper way to prop up sales is by eliminating free  illegitimate sources, adding copy protection measures                          to media and so ...
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A little constructive advertising, aka concerts, never hurt anyone. Too bad all the music industry can do of late is destructive advertising.

Seems to me that i may have a lot to do with the quality of the music. Alot of the music put out today by the record industry just sucks, but the artists that benefited the most from this are of a pretty high calibre. Maybe record companies need to focus on putting out higher quality product??!

Oh well, I suppose one aspect of this concert will give rise to retro and retarded versions of the old style hits in lieu of the modern formularistic crap that one hears these days, perhaps another cover version of “the lion sleeps tonight” in original bantu?

Is it just me or is Paul McCartney’s voice shot? He should stay away from singing now. His voice has gone to the same place as Lennon.