Lity Dvd Rom Problems

HI Guys

Well im having a nightmare at this moment :frowning:

1)access violation 00000006 with latest clone

2)Dvd rom =lity 163d latest firmware = choppy dvd playback.

  1. Nero takes an eternity when reading with dvd rom and buffer drops to @50% for most of the burn - only used to take a couple of mins to burn a full disk now around 10-15 mins.
  2. for some unknown reason cant enable DMA - Shows auto on but DMA off and PIO As current.(used to work )

Please help.:confused:
I can feel a format/c arriving just around the corner.
xp = sp1 installed tried unin and re-in = no joy.
refresh rate changes up and down through the field = no joy
geforce nvidia various driver set ups.

HELP ME Please

This sounds like a DMA problem caused by WinXP spontaneously disabling DMA. This is a frequent occurence with WinXP.

If you unistall the IDE channel to which the Lite-on is connected and reboot, WinXP will redetect the channel and hopefully should restore the DVD-ROM drive to DMA operation.

Inertia what can i say …:bow: :bow:

Love ya loads and loads :bigsmile:

Just mi clone to sort now.


You’re welcome.:wink:

As for your other problems, if you have InCD 3.37 loaded it causes all kinds of problems with WinXP. If this is the case, uninstall InCD 3.37 and replace it with v3.31, which works properly.