Little to motogp3 (securom 7)

This is mi little guide to make work a Moto GP 3 urt image.

I had the spanish version; Securom 7 protected, and it has been very difficult to me to run the game properly with an Alcohol Image.

I created the Image with Alcohol 1.9.5. First I had one problem: I have a dvd reader and a dvd writer. The reader (a LG) is not capable of reading subchannel, but reads DPMS great. The writer (Pioneer DVR-109) has been used a lot with low quality discs and has lost its DPMS capability (BW reports an unstable reading speed, an Alcohol doesn’t get topology information properly). Therefore, I couldn’t make a good image. What I did?
I made an image with the Pioneer and another with the LG, and mixed them: The mds file is from the LG and the mdf file is from the Pioneer, and I changed their names, so they are the same.

Ok. Then I had an Image, and, as I usually do, I unistalled the game and installed from the mounted image, so I could verify if the installation executable had triggers. It had not.

And then I run the game. “Emulador detectado” (emulator detected, 4 ENGLISH SPEAKERS). I tried with AtiBlax, with Quick Mont and Virtual CD H*de. None of them worked. Whenever I launched moto gp, it said it couldn’t load security module, so it couldn’t run.

I didn’t want to use an illegal (and, as many of them, unstable) crack, so I looked for information regarding registry tricks in spanish and English forums.

You’ll have to do the following in order to run the game from a mounted image:

  1. First of all, the game should be installed from the same unit that will mount the image when you wanna play it. If you installed it from your cdrom drive D: and you want to use the image in your virtual drive E:, you’ll need to trick the registry key “HKLM\SOFTWARE\THQ\MOTOGP3\CDPATH” setting the virtual unit.

  2. The MAIN EXECUTABLE of the game (no the launcher or autorun) must be set in Compatibility mode to Win2000. I don’t know why.

  3. The following registry key’s permissions should be changed for Administrators to “deny read”. Note that the group Administrators’ name changes between languages.


You don’t need any special tool to do this, but the win* registry (regedit.exe).

I run the game, and it worked!!!

Hope it helps you.

From what you said above I just want to say all you have done for blacklist problem can be finished by Curerom.