Little Squares in the Video; Finalise DVD

Thanks for the help in advanced.

  1. When I burn my DVD using Ulead, sometimes, I get little squares in the video. I’m using DVD-RW rated at 4x and I burn at 2x. But when I swtich to Vision, it does not appear. So I don’t think it’s due to my MPG file. What can I do to solve the problem in Ulead.

  2. Is it possible not to finalise the DVD and then later add some more video to it ? eg. I burn episode 1 this week and then burn episode 2 next week, assuming that I don’t use menu. What if I use menu ?

I’m having problem using the “not finalise” option (the software complains when I don’t finalise) and that’s why I can’t test it. I think it’s worthwhile troubleshooting this provided I can add new episodes.

Those little squares are called “artifacts or pixellation” and are typically a result of cheap media. I’m not at all familiar with RW media though, you may want to consider a different brand and/or a firmware update. Burning too slow can also be just as bad as burning too fast…I would try burning at 4X and no less, unless you are using DL media…then it is recommended to burn at 2.4X

But I used the same media when burning Ulead and Nero Vision. Oh, I thought burning at as slow speed as possible would improve the output. And since I burnt overnight, I don’t mind burning at 2x. I try 4x. Thanks.