Little question about LTR - 52246S

Hi everybody, I’m a newbie but I really need this answer.:slight_smile:
I thought about buying lite on LTR - 52246S and I read the review on
I’ve read that it is not sure that this burner can copy disc with protections higher than Safedisc 2.51 (e.g. Mafia which has 2.7).
Question is: Have you tried that??
Does it work with that kind of protections (even with firmware update)?
What can you add to the review?

Thanks everybody.

In this page of the review, it is tested to be a 2 sheep burner and can actually burn from safedisk 2.51.021 and newer.

If you jump to the Liteon forum you would be able to read about the Liteon.

I have a 48246s @ 52246s and i have been able to burn safedisk 2.80. I don’t have a newer game with safedisk 2.90.

The Asus crw 5224a is a drive that seem to read and burn safedisk 2.90 without problems.