Little problem with Gateway computer

Ok, i need a little help here. I have a Gateway GT4024 desktop computer and it works ok, but the problem i usually have is the keyboard not responding. sometimes when i boot up the computer to the login screen i can not seem to type anything. my mouse would always work though. Also sometimes on the desktop screen when i sleep it, i would resume and the keyboard stop responding. anything I can do to fix this problem. The keyboard cable is plug in tight, dont’ know whats wrong.

Have you tried another keyboard?

no i haven’t, but when my keyboard doesnt’ work, i have to restart the computer and it finally works. i dont have a spare one.

Try to restore your systems windows registry to may be few week back reboot and check to see if the problem goes away.

Hi…i have had the very same problem with my gateway -exactly as you describe-about the keyboard not responding-i’ve had this problem from the beginning-i just reboot to rectify it-but it’s annoying-can never tell when it’s going to do it-mind of it’s own…i am becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of this computer though, because now-the cd/dvd drive is really messed up-sometimes it will not open, and yesterday when ejecting a cd it totally went burzerk w/error messages and such…has anyone else had problems like that. I purchased my gateway back in 2006 from best-buy. It’s a gt4024 desktop pc.
Peace out

get a USB keyboard and try that.