Little Lower Sound when ripping whit plextor 708a

hey all

I have a plextor px708a whit firmware v1.07 and plextor px116 some a have tested at ripping from orginal audio cd to wave format and when I is finnish and listen to the same tracks there is little lower sound on tracks ripped whit plextor px 708a.

I have used EAC095pb5 on winxp pro sp1

is there anyone some have the same problem whit plextor px 708a some I have

Thanks kenta

Hi kenta,

if you (digitally) ripped the tracks correctly (with no reading errors), the two .WAV files must be identical (well, there could be a very very small time difference related to offset correction, but it is not relevant here). If some reading error occurred and your reader/software was not able to correct it, the symptoms could be gaps, skips, crackling noises, clicks, but not a different volume level.

So, either you are imagining that, or you are actually listening to the resulting tracks in different ways, maybe with different volume settings on your system.

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Hi eltranquil

You write if you (digitally) ripped the tracks correctly

I am not sure if I ripping digitally I have connected my plextor on ide cable and enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device I dont know if there is digital sound in ide cable but there is a digital output on plextor drive but I dont have any digital input on my sound card or motherboard.

I ripping this two wave files with no reading errors I have read in forum at people should enable DMA but I dont understand what this or how I enable this in my computer

Thanks kenta

Hi kenta,

probably I haven’t been clear enough, sorry. :slight_smile:

If you ripped your tracks with EAC, you ripped them digitally, so forget about it.

Also, the DMA functions should not be related with your problem. However, it is definitely good to have DMA on, so check in this thread to learn what DMA is and what you have to do.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi eltranquil

many thanks for your answer and link to DMA info


You are welcome. :smiley:

Please let us know if you find something new about your problem.

Good luck,