Little logic behind TV DVD season set pricing

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I always liked Star Trek TNG DVD set. I agree those damn things are expensive. I owned seasons one and two. I went ahead and ordered the rest of the set. Problem is The whole set cost over 700 dollars. THats a frekin House payment. I havent purchased deep space nine or voyager just because of the cost. You never know… HD DVD media will be here before u know it… Maybe the price will go down:)

@AMDCHIPTROOPER, i know exactly the feeling. i own the the complete boxsets of TOS,TNG,DS9, , babylon5 and i’m going to collect the complte voyagers series and the enterprice’s boxsets too when they come out. it’s way to expensive… and if you see the price for the farscape series…it’s even more priced! :c

The price is gonna be as much as the companies KNOW we’re gonna pay. If they KNOW we’re gonna shell out $120 per DVD, then that’s what they’ll charge. The only alternative is NOT to pay that much, which has the following results: 1. Our fave series are NOT released in the future, due to “lack of demand.” 2. Lawsuits from BitTorrent use.

“The packaging alone can cost about $40 to the studio” It’s time to get into the packaging business, my friends!

“…licensed music, whose rights fees drive up the price. “The biggest cost of DVDs is all the music,” Lacey said.” Why does that statement NOT surprise me? :frowning:

$40 dollars huh, hmmm. The old movie logic where everything costs 10 times more than what it actually does. You remimber it, it’s in movies like Terminator 3 that supposebly costs 160 mil. to make… Anyway, Le Femme Nikita is a good series

Star Trek at $100+ a season, this is one of the reasons I havn’t bought any of it. I would like to, but I can’t justify the price ($100 a season * 7 seasons * 3 TNG/DS9/VOY = $2100). What really gets me is ST:TOS. Paramount has been making money in sindication on this for over 30+ years. It has been on DVD before and still the collected set is $100 a season. You talk about a company milking there customers.

Paramount are greedy pigs. They shouldn’t be charging $100+ for boxed sets when other companies like Fox have drastically reduced the price of their boxed sets. Paragreed are also very good at SHAFTING the Trek fans many times over since they rely on the fact that all the dumb fans will buy anything with the words “Trek” printed on it - regardless of price :slight_smile:

I agree with you BR. Voyager was schlock royale that should never have been produced. Anything after TNG should have been looked at with a more critical eye than “How much money can we make from these freakin’ Trekkies”. Unfortunately, the Star Wars series has fallen to this level also.:frowning:

Family Guy. Well worth the $$$ and the sales actually convinced Fox to resurrect the series!

The Red Dwarf box sets are excellent value. More bloopers than you can shake a rather large vindiloo at.

A case in point:" Sopranos" was selling (or rather not selling) here for $99.99 Au. at a large audio specialist store. They advertised the Seasons 1,2,3,4 for $35.95 and sold 5,000 sets in two days!!! What does that say. They are back up to $99.99 and store staff have told me on the quiet that they have not sold a single copy since!

Damn 4 seasons of the Sopranos for that price is a good deal

Don’t forget that many of these TV Series are also out on laserdisc and are easy to find on ebay selling for dirt cheap. While many will claim that laserdisc is an old outdated format, in many instances the laserdisc version is better than the dvd release of the same movie or tv show. The packaging is much better than the packaging for dvd’s although they are a good bit bigger. The extra features on the laserdiscs are usually better and many of the box sets actually contain hardcover books and 8" X 10" still’s from the movie. During the action scenes in many movies i have seen digital artifacts from the mpeg compression used on dvd’s and this is not a problem with laserdisc. One other thing that you can do with laserdisc that you can’t do with dvd is go to a specific frame of film which is neat when trying to analyse a special effect or stunt scene. If you don’t have a player you can get one on ebay as cheap as $20. I do buy the new movies on dvd but if i have a choice i will always go with the laserdisc version first. Just cause a technology is new don’t mean it is the best in all cases!

Why cant we buy a cheap no bells and whistles version for downlaod (HD). They add a bunch of stuff I don’t want and charge me for it. There trying to artificailly create a high margin business but this industy is destined to be low margin. They mass produce and market it for people to buy like 1 a week. I can do that for $10-$20 but not for $40-$50. It’s almost as bad as video games, (lunar silver star story)! I want the movie for the movie, not the making of, or some lame game, and I sure as hell dont want a t-shirt budled free for a total of $50.

Glad I’ve got all the Start Trek series on SVHS…recorded from TV broadcasts. I’d love to have them all on DVD and can afford it easily… but no way am I buying them at those gouging prices. The same with Farscape…no way man…stick a knife in me and twist at those prices. Got 'em all on tape anyway. Babylon 5…bought those…they didn’t gouge people near as bad. Another big disappointment is Northern Exposure. Seasons 1 & 2 packaged separately with only 7 or 8 episodes for $50 each. They also cleverly hide the contents so you don’t know how bad you are being ripped off. I’ll be looking for those at the rental store. Most of my favorites now I record the TV broadcast with a DVR and edit out the comercials before saving to DVD…Stargate is one…MGM isn’t getting any more of my money until they start taking better care of their employees. I wonder how many cutbacks and downsizing they can do before the bottom falls out. They don’t care, Kirkorian will just put the company up for sale.