Little help with TEAC DV-W516GA!

I have a TEAC DV-W516GA (mind the A) and it’s a rebaged LiteOn. I don’t know exactly which one.

Has anyone got a clue ???
Be carefull… not the DV-W516G.

I want to crossflash it, and upgrade it with firmware from LiteOn (well, actually CodeGuys)…

Please Help…

it’s a rebadged 1653S. you can update it with CS0K:

Thanks you VERY MUCH !!!
I have been trying to fing out about this drive for a long time…

You can also update the FW to CS0K and still keep the “TEAC 516GA” label. Just download the new firmware here:
There is also an added benefit. You can update to new FW versions in future without using patched/cf’ed/fixed versions - something the other fw patchers here are not willing/able to deliver.


Wow… !!!

I didn’t know I could do that…
Thanks a lot…

From this rar, which of the two (except the Sonyid) should I use?
What does the rs (in the filename) stand for ???

new FW versions from which company?
LiteOn or TEAC ???

The “rs” stands for increased read speed (12x). Use the rs version if you want 12x read speed and the non rs version if you don’t.

The software on that site is just my firmware with the ID changed to Teac. There are no other firmware patches. They’ve even used my naming, with the teac model in front of it. This Teac drive already has the 1653S ID in the EEPROM which is why it can be flashed with stock Liteon 1653S firmware as long as it’s a flashfixed version of the flasher or the drive already has the Liteon ID after using a flashfixed flasher. It has nothing to do with anything they have done at all. Comments like yours are not appreciated :(. If it wasn’t for the patchers here, you would not have any crossflashing for the Liteon drives, whatsoever.

Just some remarks:

  1. The FW on the czech site is obviously different from other patched FW, since after applying the flash the drive keeps the name TEAC DV-W516GA.

  2. I have used that FW with my 1633S (!!) and it still allows me to flash other FW for the 1653 (unpatched). This is something I was told to be impossible here in this group. I don’t know what has been changed, but I really like it :bigsmile: :bow:

  3. I didn’t mean to offend you or other “FW patchers” here with my comment, I just meant to say there are other patched FWs floating around - it wasn’t obvious for me they are in fact identical versions. :confused:


I tried to go this firmware through OmniPatcher, but I received a message (see attached photo) and then in omnipatcher everything was greyed (inactive)(see attached photo). Even the “Apply recommended DVD media tweaks”.

Why is that ???

I want to make this very clear. The firmware that LH2313 has provided a link to is just the firmware from my site with the Liteon text change to Teac in the firmware. There are no other differences.

I don’t mind this site posting this firmware, if it is beneficial to Teac W516GA users, but there is no reason for others to try this firmware thinking it will convert there drives internal ID to a 1653S, as LH2313 states. It definitely will not.

File compare:

Sorry, but you didn’t answer my question…

omnipatcher doesn’t fully support CSTJ/CS0K.
also there’s no recommended media tweaks data in the config file.
only options are: increase readspeed and crossflash fix. but these are already selected.

Exactly… Why is that ??
C0deKing ???

Code65536 wrote omnipatcher in Perl. Together we did the patches that it performs. I’m an assembler, Pascal, C/C++ and VB programmer. I’ve never programmed in Perl. Code65536 has been out of contact for several weeks now and has been very busy for several weeks before that. Code65536 has done a huge amount for this community and we have to understand that his real life has to come first.

Liteon keep changing the number of media tables and the size of the media code entries. Luckily code65536 had an early release of the 1673S firmware and was able to add this to the OP code, but the change that occured in CS0C occurred after he got busy.

So in the last few days I’ve set myself up to compile the source and to get to grips with the Perl language. I have a new version that removes the experimental warning for 1673S firmware and fixes a crashing problem that has plagued me for some time, but it will require some more learning for me to fix the media table problem. Unfortunately I’m quite busy at the moment also, but I’m trying to find the time to do it along with all of the other things I’ve promised…

OK. Waitng for a new version.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks very much in advance.

Please help me with FirmWare TEAC DV-W516GA!
I from Russia. I do not know the English language, therefore I ask to excuse me for probable mistakes. Also, I ask administrator a forum to correct these mistakes.
I have bought TEAC DV-W516GA five months ago. Work of this device of me did not satisfy. Was F/W C4S2
To change this device in firm of an opportunity was not, because my work is connected to change of residences. The device did not support a lot of various DVD-R disks, frequently caused failure of system (BSD) in a mode of reading of disks. System - Windows XP SP1
I have decided to change F/W.
F/w on this link

was single in a network.
Many positive changes - distinguish and burns many types DVD-RDVD+R, speed of reading DVD has increased.
TEAC has turned in LITEON, but the device incorrectly works with DVD+RW (at reading speed of rotation of a disk even in bad sectors does not decrease. Result - bad sector and errors reading).
With DVD-RW at all does not work. At clearing a disk the program (Nero) informs, that the disk is not DVD-RW and to clear a disk there is no opportunity!!!
I constantly work with DVD-RW/DVD+RW and correct work with this type of disks is very necessary for me. Please tell as well as where to me to return old F/W C4S2 or another working F/W (on the link http: //
DV-W516GA to load it was not possible) and how to load her{it} in TEAC. Correct work in DVD+RW/DVD-RW with W/F C4SK/C4SM/C4SP is possible?
Please leave the link or send me on

Beforehand thanks!

a firmware can not correct physical failures. but a new drive can :wink:

I know it. :slight_smile:
You think in this problem the drive is guilty?
In a forum I have found out, that failure of system with FW C4S2 was resolved by installation SP2, but was late… :slight_smile: Failures were happened not frequently, but were. Now failures does not occur.
Work of the device with FW C4S2 in a mode of reading/writing DVD-RW*DVD+RW was stable.
Now the same disk a drive reads each time on miscellaneous. Probability of correct reading - 30 %.

How it to explain? :doh:
Installation SP2 has not resolved a problem.
How it can be corrected? Returning to C4S2 will solve this problem? Where I can find C4S2?
In all other modes (CD - R/RW [reading/writing], DVD+R/-R [reading/writing], DVD+RW [writing]) is normal.
Probably, procedure of reading DVD-RW/DVD+RW was successful, if the drive could reduce revolutions of rotation of a disk in bad areas.
I in despair, help me please.