Little help with converting Music?

How do i keep the files small so i can put a bunch of mp3 files on one cd>…

Select lower quality when encoding

It is a trade off, good quality versus smaller files, can’t have both.

I have had much expericence with this matter… I used a Soundblaster Live Platinum 5.1 Sound Card and used the Playcenter 2.5 to rip audio tracks… Don’t go yelling at me for using the Creative Labs default program to rip mp3s, as I’ve tried others and feel this one actually is one of the BEST (other than being slow). Anyways, I have a musical ear and can say anything below 128 is a waste (but everyone knows this). Now, 160 is better…but if you’re going 160 you might as well do 192. Anything above 192 seems to sound quite the same so you’re just wasting space. So once again: 128 for space purposes, 192 for quality/space combined. Sure 320 might somehow sound better, but I tell you it sure isn’t enough to really tell and definately not enough to waste twice as much disc space!!!

Im sorry i wasn’t clear on this statement.I understand that part of sizeing i ment when putting the music on a CDR i want to keep the files small so i can put 30 to 40 songs on one cd.Like most mp3 files are 4000 5000 k how can i change the format to make the files much smaller and have good quality to.

5000 K ~ 4.9 MB x 40 = 196 MB

an 80 Min CD can conatin 700+ MB of data or MP3’s

Yeah, I get what you’re really asking.

What you have to do is you have to burn the *.mp3 files in Data mode, not Audio. If you burn as Audio, it will convert to *.cda.

The mp3s have to be in the root directory if you want to play them on an mp3 cd player

I think you were clear. But you can’t compress the mp3 files further to any useful degree, so the only way to make the files smaller is to rip the music at lower quality. As someone said, a 4000 K mp3 file will allow about 120 such songs in mp3 format onto a 80 minute CD/R.