Little bush new plan



weeks days months talk to people people people and say all along support our troops now the only thing out of little Bush replace the two Generals.

Blame the troops Bush.


Yes! After the princes have been bad, flog the peasants!


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Is it a good idea to go into political themes, when these are generally requested to be avoided as normal topics of discussion? thinking My thoughts lead me to this post.


Yo debro-

Not often do I agree with you mate - but on this one - I agree 110%-eh!


We need to just cut our loses and admit we can’t solve all the worlds problems with democracy.


Well, I will admit that democracy isn’t what will solve the world’s problems, and I’ve never believed that. However, that’s all I’ll say, because I don’t want this thread to go any farther on my account.


Or bombing people :eek:

/sorry I had to say it :stuck_out_tongue:


Bunch of pu$$ies! Can’t take the heat…

I would start a draft and send 2,000,000 more. :bigsmile:


Given that this was posted in the News section, it’s generally accepted to include a source, not just personal opinion :wink:

If no source is available, I shall move it to the LR :wink:



Ermmmmm…last time I looked it was in the Living Room-eh! :iagree: :iagree:


Alright, the main LR. Not the News sub-forum. But hey I can leave it here, no odds to me :flower:


It is alright with me if you close it since I was the one who started it.