Little annoying lines

I just got CloneDVD2 ver. and so far everything is going good except when playing back the movies there are little white lines that flash here and there on the screen. It looks as if there are small breaks as the picture scans. These little white flashes are very fast and on a 52" screen are about an inch long and about a scan line or so thick. I’ve used three different types of media Sony,TY, and Verbatim and the lines are present in all. I’ve used other burning software and havn’t seen these lines, only with CloneDVD. Has anybody else noticed this?

I haven’t noticed that. Do you see these lines if you playback the files created with CloneDVD from your harddisk (using PowerDVD or something similar)?

No, they’re not showing up on the computer. They are so small, I doubt they would be visible on a smaller screen. I’m going to get my neighbors to play it and see if they show up on their TV.

Does the same thing happen when you play the original DVD? Don’t assume not … try it please. Make sure it is an original of one of same backups you are experiencing the “white lines” with. Sounds more like a glitch in your home entertainment rig such as a cable that needs re-seating or your locality has electromagnetic interference (through the air or through your house circuitry) or dirty power and you need to use surge protectors on your amp and TV.

I just had my neighbor check it out and he couldn’t see anything. I wasn’t able to check it cause their baby had just fell asleep.
The original disk is good and all other back up disks are good. I’ve been using DVD Decrypter and Nero6 . The past week I’ve been using AnyDVD and CloneDVD. The lines are there when using the CloneDVD method. Regular TV is good and high def. is good. I’m going to try DVD decrypter w/ Clone and see what happens.

Yep, the lines are still there with Decrypter and Clone. I also made a copy of the same movie from the same movie files, using the same media, but with Nero and ‘Poof’ no lines. Oh well, I wish I could take a screen shot from the TV just to prove I’m not crazy. :bigsmile: