Litr-on LTR 40125s Firmware upgrade

I have the K version of the firmware.
The burner is 40 X 12 X 48 When trying to use 16X disks the test says 12X for burning. When I try to burn at 12X it says burned OK but on playback disk is jumpy, static, crap. Re-burned at 8X and all is OK. Memorex media. Lite on says it is OK.
Am I doing something wrong or will a firmware upgrade help? Thanks

What did you try to burn an with what program under what Windows version?

I assume you tried to backup audio. Did you try that on the fly (directly from CD to CD) or from your hard disk (eg MP3 or WAV) to CD?

If it is on the fly, your CD Rom player may not be able to do Digital Audio Extraction at such speeds. For more information on this topic I suggest you use our search, this problem has been addressed many times before on this forum.

If it is something else, please provide more details.

I was burning from MP3 on the hard drive. Using Win ME, 256 ram, P II 350 Used Nero ROM

I did go through the serch but could not address specifically this problem with a solution of firmware upgrade. I’m not looking for miracles. I realize the 16X media Memorex 80 minute, may be the problem in compatibility. I just want the best preformance possible. The system works so isn’t broken but then again not at full speed. Thanks

I stay away from memorex media after buying a spindle of 24X CDR’s ( memorex, which is really CMC) tried burning them in a 32X lite-on, they would only burn at 12X max I could burn just about any other media even 16X at 32X in the lite on with no problem.